the joy of new perspectives

In 2012 we started to build up our in-house department to fly for own productions, but also to service research, industry, and professional partners.

The secret behind astounding, revealing, surprising, and smooth high-class images, depends partially on technology – more even on the navigation skills, talent and film experience of individual “pilots”.

Our pilots share a background of professional cameraman and 3D designers, combining the experience in creating visually attractive images with the joy and skill to fly

For safety and quality reasons we use latest self-stabilizing aerial and high-definition camera technologies, allowing to explore and reach terrritories inaccessible to larger helicopters and airplanes, while delivering superior images (even at less costs).

Taking true delight in flying, we will enjoy to work with you on arials of your projects, offering a complete service, including legal clearances, insurances, and different copters with HD, 4K, infraRed and under water technology
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