is an independent production company.The background of ANTHRO MEDIA is IT, Neuroscience, film making, and CGI.

The company was founded in 2002 as a spin-off of the back then leading neuroinformatic research company in Europe [interActive Systems – Brain Media].

Since then Anthro Media has been developing and producing television documentaries, 3D, 4D animations and aerial films for the national and international broadcast market. Furthermore documentariees, research and educational films for the federal ministry of science, federal ministry of foreign affairs, federal ministry of family affairs, and national and European research projects.

A specialty remains our access to the most complex artificial brain existing at presentfurthermore to create film stories that connect cultural, medical, cross-species, and psychological views on vibrant and historic-driven society-topics, while developing new angles also on controversal topics, such as ‘Sex, Diseases, and Morality’, ‘Routines’, ‘Creativity’ and ‘Suspense’, ‘Greed’, ‘Religion’ and ‘Taboos’.

To show the normally invisible with state of art visualisation technologies, we run an inhouse 4D unit and operate a small fleet of flying and diving camera drones

The company employs experienced freelancing partners due to project needs.

We look forward to every interesting, innovative, and hopefully also meaningful collaboration…