Roadmap, Budget

Reality Based Edutainment Format 3 x 52’
By Volker Barth © Anthro Media 2005


Part I From Classical Antiquity until the Outbreak of Syphilis

Morality Changes over Time. [img:]

Evidences of ‘free sex cultures’ of antique worlds exist in abundance (Babylon, Greece, Rome, Israel, Phoenicia).Integrate the parallel evolution of ascetic ideas (Stoic, Pythagoreans, etc). Pass to the early Church Patriarchs.The “whys” of their patchwork of doctrinal thoughts. Embedded into the cultural context of the time. Follow the ambigue practices of moral policies exercised by mainstream church into the lustful Middle Ages (ascetics, at the same time public concubinism, prostitution, etc).

Then a turning point. – The entrance of Syphilis in 1492.


Part II From Onset of Syphilis until 1944

Years of Not Knowing that it is a venereal disease (analogy to early years of AIDS). Then the discovery that Sex is the means of contagion. Still not knowing why. God’s revenge?
The sudden domination of the prohibition fraction of church over the tolerant mainstream. The historic dimensions: Famous cases of Syphilis. – Henry VIII.

The split of the Anglican church because of Syphilis? Other famous cases rarely mentioned. Closing down the public brothel culture. Export the “New Morality” with Pilgrams to the US. Inquisition. Society’s handling of poor and the rich – “God’s Revenge” vs “Gentlemen’s Disease”. The disease and baroque fashions of Versaille. – The romantic period.
The microbiological era. Until the US army’s historic treatment with Penicillin in 1944.


Part III Since Penicillin until Today

Disease goes, Morality stays Sex liberation movements. Sexologists, understanding the neuroscience of sexuality, revealing cellular connections. Anthropologists comparing sex across ethnics, times, species. Ethic commissioners of Church, of Governments (EC, US). Sociologists. Lawyers. Margined society groups (homosexuals, promiscuitives, polygamists, adulterers,
children of catholic priests). Sex-Accessory-Industry speaker on their market. Epidemiologists on new disease. Media ethics and policies – a Need of stability of doctrines? Sex Worker Unions claim legal recognition. Striving the prohibitionist fractions of society until today.

Open end.

Project Schedule & Budget

Scriptwriting language: English
Production language: English
Format: DIGI-BETA | 16 mm | SoftImage (CGI)

Creative Team:
Dr Anja Grebe – D
Dr Hans Peter Hagmann – D
Volker Barth – D

Name Directing:
Part 1 and 2: Cay Wesnigk
Part 3: Vanessa van Houten – D/US

Scientific Consulting:

  • Prof. Stefan Winkle (Epidemiologist, Medical Historian) – D
  • Prof James Brundage (Church Law Specialist) – US
  • Dr Anja Grebe (Historian) – D
  • Dr Uli Zenner (Medical) – D
  • Prof Petra Stoerig (Neuro Scientist, Psychologist) – D

Photography | Visual Treatment: Markus Frietsch – D
3D Programming | CGI: Frank Lutz – D
WebSite | Interactiver film | Project Design: Lars Stock – D

Countries of interest for Coproduction/Distribution:
US • first application of Penicillin Strong moral Prohibiiton- and Liberation Movements
GB • Penicillin synthesized by Sir Alexander Fleming
NL • moderate Prohibition Politics; Red light Culture
F • Louis-Pasteur-Institute; Strong Tradition in Mikro Biology; “French Disease”

Production Budget Estimate:
400 000 € incl. Production of interactive DVD