Author, Producer, Director

Volker Barth, Anthro Media

Volker collected experience from setting up large scale European research projects in neurosciences (connecting wet sciences to neuro informatics, IT, 3D, and 4D). He has been working with the Institute of Scientific Film of Germany, and later as head of the interactive film department of iAS Interactive Systems GmbH. In 2002 he set up Anthro Media and is developing and realizing cultural and science programs for the international market since.

Director, Producer, Author

C. Cay Wesnigk

C. Cay Wesnigk has written, directed and produced several feature films, commercials and documentaries. In 2000 he founded on top of his activities OnlineFILM AG – as a public company to use digital technologies for the distribution of audiovisual content. He is also Vice President of agdok, Germanies largest community of Independent Producers (700 members). Besides other national and international awards, Cay has been recently honoured with Germany’s most reputed award for quality television, the Adolf Grimme Award 2005

Science non-fiction author

Heiner Busch

Born 1958, Heiner enjoys the life of a creative scientist. He gained national and international awards on popular science programmes, while at the same time working in challenging and exotic nichés – from plant physiology, to intelligent softwares, has been in charge of European Medical Networks, worked in knowledge management and neuro science, while being an expert on nifty visualisation of anatomical and physiological CGIs ( 3D ). As jack of all trades (in means of science) Heiner is a creative force – with an itch for the odd thought…


Ingo Mende

Born 1970, enjoying all camera work close to nature, he is also experienced in reportage work, steady-cam work, while providing always an artistic eye to the production.

Media and anthropological consultant

Hans Peter Hagmann

Hans Peter converges needed expertise of a visual anthropologist, filmmaker, and psychologist at the same time. He participates in conceptualisation, scientific research, treatment and also during production in position of director and interviewer.


Team Michi is dedicated to the detailed reconstructions, animation, modelling, texturing, 4D camera, compositing for film and advertisement…

Storyboard Art

Peter Kamps

Born 1971. After finishing his studies in visual arts Peter worked on storyboards for feature films, furthermore draws on a regular basis caricatures, cartoons, and illustrations for news paper. A specialty are animal drawings. Enjoying to use his hands, Peter also works as professional boat builder …



Born 1971. Having worked as theatre actor (award winning), receiving a degree in visual arts. Meki completed also her studies at the filmschool Cologne. Having taught Avid over several years. Meki enjoys to make the best out of DV, HD and film …